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No image appears after starting the software, but the device information can be tracked by the search


If the input device is But if the input of the main monitor is, this may cause inability to observe an image; Please ensure the same entry, otherwise the device can not be connected, nor produce sound. If at the entrance, there was some damage to the device interface, please change the device to reset.

Enter the IP address using Internet Explorer and can not see images, besides there is a small X in the upper right corner of the interface.


First, start ActiveX pressing the upper right button which says ~Install and run it~. You should fix the problem. If after installation still can not observe any image, please follow these steps: Restart Internet Explorer browser, place the appropriate information and press the pop-up screen, choose to disable ~add-ins~ - Proceed to refresh the search engine and start it again.

After made the recording and video capture customer in the CPI, do not get where the files were stored.


Files automatically saved to the following address: ~User selected file path: \ OLEXRecord (or IPCRecord) \ IPCR \ ~ Additionally the saved images can be obtained at the following address ~user selected file path: \ OLEXRecord (or IPCRecord) \ IPCImg \ ~

After you made the video recording and capturing in the Internet Explorer browser, which direction files are saved.

The videos captured in the search are saved automatically at the following address ~User selected file path \ current date folder named \ Device IP folder named \ Record. Captured images are automatically saved in the address ~user selected file path \ current date folder named \ Device IP folder named \ Snapshot. Note: automatic file path in the D drive, the user can press the button ~Stop~, then press right button on the screen - in this case the recordings and screenshots made by the device are stored in a different route to automatic storage management.

Using the Internet Explorer browser to play videos, in this case where the pictures taken are saved.


They are saved in the Snapshot folder assigned in the installation directory search engine, whose initial form assigned address is C: \ Program Files \ OLEX \ Snapshot.

Because I can not change the screen after I made the software installation.


After the software is installed and the devices for the first time adheres to restart the software to perform the mode switching screen. If you have not joined any information to the device you can not yet change the display under any circumstances.

In the main interface you can see the device information in the ungrouped area, as you can open the view of the screen.


He added device information but has not been grouped to the main interface, in this case you can take the device specification from the preview screen; additionally you can create a device group, then the group must enter all devices and open them together, so they can make the specification of the devices from the preview screen.


Accidentally press the Lock program option and now the user interface is not available.


You must unlock it by pressing the unlock option. In the settings there are different levels of permission, Administrator, Guest, Users and User automatically assigned at system startup; the customer can change the password and permissions according to your needs


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